Trick or treats!

Trick or Treat Cookies! Making these cookies wasn’t actually as difficult as I thought it was going to be, and compared to some things I’ve made, not nearly as time intensive. I was barely up late, and that was just to let the glaze harden. Of course, I couldn’t sleep once I got to bed anyway, but that’s another matter.

Photos and process below. The idea/recipe was courtesy of and glaze courtesy of King Arthur. (And seriously? Best cookie glaze ever. I can’t wait to use it for Christmas cookies. Ack, I can’t wait to make Christmas treats. So many ideas!)

Balls o’ dough. This is two batches of the sugar cookie recipe from Not Martha. I colored one orange for the pumpkins, obviously, and left one white. My original idea was to make candy corn cookies out of the remnants, but then I decided I was really tired of rolling out dough, so I just made regular round ones instead.

Cutting out pumpkins. You can see where I only got six in here, meaning only three trick or treat cookies. Not nearly enough! No fear, just mash all the scrap dough together and roll it out again.

Cookies cooling. Ignore the slightly overcooked ghosts that I keep thinking are angels. I’m not good at rolling out dough evenly. Apparently there are fancy rolling pins you can buy that have rings on them to help you get dough at exactly the prescribed 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 5/16 inch or whatever ridiculous thickness they tell you to use. I usually just roll it out until I feel like I’ve gotten a good workout, which is not a good method as evidenced by the singed ghosty angels. I’m on the lookout for one of those pins, now.

My OCD at work! (Bad picture, but it’s all the orange and brown M&Ms in a medium bag. More oranges than browns, if you were wondering.)

Icing glue!

The treats are INSIDE the cookies…(Points if you know that one. I was thinking it to myself the whole time I was doing this.) If you look closely, one of the ghosts had an accident and I had to glue his arm back together. That’s right, I’m a cookie doctor.

Putting on the tops. Now, if you were smarter than me, you would have cut half one way and half the mirror image so you could have the pretty baked side showing outside and the flat sides on the inside and everything would have glued together much better. But, alas, I am not so smart. One time when I was making a pillow, I sewed the two wrong sides together TWICE. That part that lets you flip stuff around in your brain  – yeah, I’m missing that. I think it’s also the reason I can’t figure out if a turn is left or right unless I’m facing the right direction. Or east or west. But I digress. Cookies!

Grumpy jack-o-lanterns. I was going to put some of those smarties in the treat cookies, but I was told M&Ms were better. So the Smarties will come to the office with me and go in the candy jar.

The final loot. I had plenty of dough leftover to make a bunch of regular cookies that I then glazed and put orange stripes or dots on to make them a bit more festive. I would totally do this again; it wasn’t really that much of a headache. I think Valentine’s would be a good holiday for them. The trouble is finding tiny enough candies to go inside. The M&Ms were a bit big, so I couldn’t fit too many.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. LC

    I’m missing the flip stuff around in your brain component too. I just sewed my first non flat object, and sewing it all together inside out is like really hard. Your cookies look fabulous!

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